Sisters Empowering Sisters
sisters empowering sisters
Sisters Empowering Sisters

There have been many times in my life that I have been stuck. It could have been driving, writing a paper, or at a place were you feel no one could help. Being stuck at doing anything can be very frustrating. Out of frustration comes making decisions that are not good for you. When I went to the first SES meeting, I was at one of those times in my life were I was stuck. This time spiritually. I was spiritually going nowhere."
"Since being with SES, I have reconnected with God & He has catapulted me into my purpose and destiny. I no longer wonder what am I on this earth to do? I know that all I am here to do is Build God’s Kingdom. Everything will fall into place. I know who I am! Through this great organization, God has the Victory."


"When I first came to SES, I was a broken and lost teenager that had given up on herself and the world and was looking for something to bring me out of the rut that I was in. I was seeing a therapist about twice a month to help solve the anger issues I suffered from and an array of other issues, but no progress was being made in my life and I needed something else, which at that time I wasn’t aware of it. It wasn't until I came to my first SES meeting in June of 2007 that I realized that what I needed was God, and no man could fix nor prevent my problems. That very night I was determined to get my life in order. So I joined SES, and after the meeting was over I called my mother to tell her to cancel all my therapy sessions for I no longer needed them, I needed God and what SES provided, an opportunity to find my place in this world and to propel me into the purpose and destiny that God has for me."
"I truly thank God for the divine connections that I have made through SES, and that I have made them at such an early age. I KNOW I am walking in my purpose and destiny, and I am blessed to have begun walking in my purpose at 19!!! I advise all women to not hesitate to reach out to a young lady because of fear or hesitance that she will not gain something from this, because one meeting could save her life, IT SAVED MINE!"


“Before joining Sisters Empowering Sisters, I often described myself as a butterfly trapped in a cocoon. I was in a place where I knew there was so much more, but who and where I was did not reflect it. I could not get out of the trap called past. I wanted to fly but there just was not a way out. My life was missing something…and it was a connection that would lead me to God, my purpose and my destiny. SES has been that connection. Since joining I have learned that Yes, I am a butterfly!!!! and Yes, I am in a cocoon!!!! However, the purpose of the cocoon has been changed. No longer am I trapped by the cocoon. Now I am in a place where I am being nourished and cultivated. I am learning how to drop the baggage, and I am being given a new set of wings. I am changing, and I will never be the same!!!!”



As followers of Christ or Christians, we are constantly finding our emotional and spiritual reserves drained by the challenges of life. In such times, we need nourishment to strengthen us. In Psalm...
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Let's embrace the Peace of God like never before because your "Peace" is the avenue to reap all the fruits of the Spirit. Without Peace it's difficult to please God or even walk in God's Divine Love....
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The Lord is teaching us all how to be Thankful For The Season We're In as we learn how to embrace our present situation by receiving it all as a blessing.s,
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