Sisters Empowering Sisters
Sisters Empowering Sisters
Sisters Empowering Sisters

Our Mission

Sisters Empowering Sisters, Incorporated (SES, Inc.) is an organization created to move women to another level spiritually, financially, emotionally, in their health and with their families.

Our mission is to design a program and a support system for women to tap into their purpose and to help empower and motivate God’s vision.
The spirit of the Lord has ordained it for all sisters to jumpstart their purpose so that women can flow into complete peace, prosperity, and enter into GOD’s destination for their lives.
”GOD want you to jumpstart your purpose"


As followers of Christ or Christians, we are constantly finding our emotional and spiritual reserves drained by the challenges of life. In such times, we need nourishment to strengthen us. In Psalm...
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Let's embrace the Peace of God like never before because your "Peace" is the avenue to reap all the fruits of the Spirit. Without Peace it's difficult to please God or even walk in God's Divine Love....
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The Lord is teaching us all how to be Thankful For The Season We're In as we learn how to embrace our present situation by receiving it all as a blessing.s,
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