Sisters Empowering Sisters


Important Dates

2016 Meeting Schedule

January 1- Friday 7:00pm
January 15- Friday 7:00pm
January 29- Friday 7:00pm

February 13 - Saturday 4:00pm
February 26 - Friday 7:00pm

March 12 -Saturday 4:00pm
March 25 - Friday 7:00pm

April 9 -Saturday 4:00pm
April 22 - Friday 7:00pm

May 7 -Saturday 4:00pm
May 20 - Friday 7:00pm

June 4 -Saturday 4:00pm
June 17 - Friday 7:00pm

July 2 -Saturday 4:00pm
July 15 - Friday 7:00pm
July 30 -Saturday 4:00pm

August 12 -Friday 7:00pm
August 27 - Saturday 4:00pm

September 9 -Friday 7:00pm
September 24 - Saturday 4:00pm

October 7 -Friday 7:00pm
October 22 - Saturday 4:00pm

November 4 -Friday 7:00pm
November 19 - Saturday 4:00pm

December 2 -Friday 7:00pm
December 17 - Saturday 4:00pm
December 30 - Friday 7:00pm

SES Annual Retreat

DIVAAS: It’s almost that time again!!! The SES Annual Retreat is coming up. Date and locationTBA. To reserve your spot, email us at or call Michelle Watson @ 754.234.6031.

SES Community Service

Every Fourth Saturday of the month between 8am-11am we go out to the feeding shelter and donate our time to feed the homeless. if you are interested in being apart of the community involvement or need more information please contact Sister Stroud 954.790.3109 and give her the time and date of your availability.




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